I think I have a sick baby duck...help!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by JennH0401, Jul 12, 2019 at 11:18 PM.

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    We got our babies yesterday. I noticed later in the day one baby who is just a tad slower than the others. It cocks its head to the side a lot and does a strange twitch. When the others flock to the water it comes over but doesn't try hard like the others to get to the water. I have seen it drink a little, i have not seen it eat however they of course are skiddish when we go by the brooder. It is often off to the side just trying to nap. It isn't smaller than the others.
    I am just concerned and wondering if there is something I can do to help it along to get a little stronger...
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    You could try Vitamin E or Niacinamide (100mg per gallon of water).
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    Yes get the Niacin @Cyprus recommended. Or liquid B complex. ASAP. Also all your new ducklings need at least 100-150 mgs of niacin a day for strong legs and neurological health. Liquid B complex is at TSC in cattle dept it will say injectable but peel off the foil and use a dropper to get out 1 ml and put over a tasty treat like smashed peas or into a quart waterer. Made up daily.


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