I think She's a Roo! Yep, She's a he, FREE ROO!


10 Years
Mar 12, 2009
Exeter, RI
I recently purchased 4 pullets (My First!!)... I think... But Big Red here is sure starting to look like a roo.... In theory "She" is an AruacanaXRI Red, I have never had RI Reds and I 'm hoping that they are really BIG birds, and that this IS a hen.... But I'm having my doubts... I welcome any opinions... Once/if "She" starts crowing this will turn into a FREE ROO add...



"She" is somewhere between 12-16 weeks old....
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I just picked up a beautiful Roo named Phoebe... I think all of my chicks are going to have gender issues.....


No question about it though, Phoeb's IS definitely a roo...
and no Room for 2..... Hmmmm.
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I don't think that it is a rooster for sure. Can you get a better picture of the hackle/sickle areas? That comb doesn't look as bright as I would expect on a 12-16wk old roo.
Here are the close ups! I am really rooting for a hen here, I would love to see chicks from "Her" and Phoebe!



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For all of those that guess that this is a roo, can you tell me why? I'm still new at this and would love to know what to look for in future "Pullets"
Thank You!!
I wouldn't label it a roo just yet...The comb is reddish, but not as big as most of my 8-9 week old EE roos...on rose & pea combs it's about the width of the comb...hens have narrower combs and the combs will get redder when they are getting close to lay, maybe she is 16 weeks and an early layer because of the rir in her...she may pop you out an egg in a few weeks!
No crowing right???
I agree on waiting until you hear a crow or get an egg. If s/he is close to laying, the comb would be quite appropriate for a hen.
I am not completely convinced that it is a roo. I would think that the tail feathers would be more roo-ish by this point were it a roo. I am leaning more towards pullet at this point. Though, if it is less than 12 weeks then I would lean toward roo. Guess you will know soon enough?!?
My EE roo was crowing by about 8 weeks of age, and if my roo is around the same age as yours, his comb would still be larger and more developed and a deeper red. Congrats on your new flock!! Phoebs is really handsome!!!

Here's my boy:



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