I'm Back for A Bit


RIP 1938-2020
9 Years
Jul 6, 2010
For anyone that missed me these last couple of years: I've been around just not posting--got tired of offering advice based on my 25 years of experience and having people argue with me. At any rate just logged on today to check things out and get some advice myself. In a moment of idiocy today I bought 6 keats so need to figure out if I'm going to have problems raising them. Of course I'm looking for help closing the barn door on a stolen horse since the chicks are on the brooder--along with 18 new chicken chicks. Hopefully everything will work out ok and my neighbors won't start shooting my new birds.
Your logical, common sense approach has been missed. Good luck with your guinea fowl - they are a very interesting bird for sure.
Welcome back

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