In 4 days my Cochin went from healthy to Paralyzed...Please Help

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    My 7 month old Cochin Rose is very ill. Please Help.

    4 days ago I noticed something was amiss with her when she did not join the others to get treats and instead hung back and slowly walked around. She also held her tail down (it almost looked like she was constipated). I gave her several syringes full of apple cider vinegar and a little olive oil diluted with lots of water in case it was a crop or egg bound issue (even though she was not yet layed an egg.)
    Day 3: I brought her inside away from the others and she seemed to be a little more weak than the day before and although she could walk did not seem to want to. She also did not have much interest in eating so I gave her water via syringe.
    Day 2: Now her behavior is getting scary. She can barely walk and when she does falls over every step of so, using her wings to balance. Still keeping her hydrated.

    Today: She can no longer walk. I'm not sure what to do at this point. She lays completely flat with her wings and feet out to the side and the only thing she can do is hold her head up but not much. Please see pics - she cannot move from this position. I had to cut all the feathers away from her vent because it was getting so impacted with poo even after daily rinsing.

    If anyone knows what she is suffering from please let me know. I thought it was an injury but since it took a few days to this point now I'm thinking its something much worse.

    Please help.


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    The leg out in front, and the symptoms suggest Marek's. I suggest euthanasia. Few birds survive Marek's, and those that do are carriers for life.
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