In a word, how would you describe your garden as of today?



Mar 17, 2019
Southwest Virginia (mountains)
I have so many irons in the fire right now I don't know which one to grab. Yesterday I spent the morning putting the roof on a new goat shed and they afternoon demolishing an old shooting house on the back of our property (left from previous owners). After dinner, I finally got the chance to pull out my pea plants, till and rake that section, and plant my green beans (about a week later than normal) just before it got too dark to see.
As I was working, I paused and looked around at my own little garden of eden. To describe what I saw, I would use the word "chaos" or in two words "controlled chaos." Everything is looking great but as always my duties elsewhere has caused some neglect in the weeding department
Disappointing, in a word. First we had a long drought, then days of heavy rain, then well-above-average heat, today it's 56 degrees. I am as confused as my plants.

The tomatoes are doing pretty well, the peppers are showing some progress, a few onions have decided to live, but the green beans and various squash are not looking too good. Ah, but the thistles that crept into the garden are thriving.
One word:


Ask me tomorrow and I hope my answer is not “flooded”.

My zucchini’s are flowering, I have about 100 GREEN tomatoes that can’t ripen fast enough, peppers and eggplants are flowering, and beans are just getting big enough to pick.

I will seriously be in mourning if this rain doesn’t stop...😞

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