In Turkey(the country) with sick baby chick

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    Jun 27, 2016
    Hello, I'm working in turkey I have never raised a chicken before. A friend of mine here has a few chickens, there is one chick left out of 11- the rest died from the heat it can be up to 115 here some days,I grew quite attached to the last remaining chick- now about 4weeks old- he said she was sick and would die soon - mostly from heat-so I took her to my temperature controlled dorm room,(and yes I'm not allowed to have a chicken in the dorm, but if I can help her it's worth getting kicked out) I made a make shift pen with dirt floor and a few scraps of material for bedding. I keep it at 75-80- as per what I read on the Internet-he said she would die and was just going to let her die, but I want to try and help her - she is not eating and spends all day sleeping standing up,and she coughs/sneezes every so often. There is no blood in her poop, and I give her water with a dropper with Apple cider vinegar... She won't drink on her own
    I am trying to find a vet here, but I am in a small remote town, what more can I do for her until I get her to a proper veterinarian?! I don't want to lose this precious girl! [​IMG]

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