Injured Duckling


Sep 2, 2019
I have a 6 week old duckling that has been penned up next to the pond in isolation following an injury that got infected. She has been penned alone for one week, as we were unable to catch mom. The ducks even got scared when we tried to catch them and now stay on the opposite side of our 5 acre pond. The duckling is not completely healed, but I have no one to take care of it while I am gone for 4 days. Her antibiotics are completed, the infections appears to be gone, and tissue healing is all that is left. She does not eat much, and is very stressed in the pen. (I even put a stuffed animal out there, but all she does is stare out the fence and run the edge trying to get out) She does not swim in the pool, but is drinking. I need to get her back to mom. How do I do this, now that mom won't come near me??? They used to eat of my hand, but now they won't even come on land when they see me :( What do I do?
Did a snapping turtle get her? That’s a hard one if the tissue isn’t healed possibility of bacteria getting in. And no one who can look after her while your gone. I guess you have no choice. Who will be feeding your adults while your gone?
I have no idea what got her. Probably not a turtle, as I am missing an adult male. et is thinking a possum or raccoon. Never had a problem with predators for 4 years :(. They live on a pond. I will fill the food bin on their floating house before I leave. They do not get fed daily by me, as they are self sufficient. I do feel like I have no choice. With the duckling not eating much (I am surprised she hasn't become weak. She mostly eats the dog food I put on top of the chick starter food, in an attempt to get her to eat.) I guess because she grew up on the pond, and the adults rarely let her eat of the bin, she has not learned to eat it. I don't know.
I didn't really answer my own question. I need to know how to get her back to mom since the adult flock will not come near me, and will they take her back after being away from her for a week. I can get them to come with in about 50-100 feet of me on the pond. If they are that close, do you think I can let her go and she will just swim to them?
They are Cayuga, Peking, Mallard mixes. I had 6 that were siblings and mates to give me this baby that is white. I also have 3 pekings I acquired this year. She is only 6 weeks old and not even half the size of the adults.

Yes they have been able to see and hear until they quit staying near home a few days ago. When we tried to catch them they got scared and went to the other side of the pond. They canny see her or hear her anymore.

Sometimes the pekings (not the parents) will come over to eat from the food bin that is near the duckling.

Attaching pics of the parents and baby


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Big difference in size and most likely at her age mama won't even notice her as being her duckling. All you can do is try. And be ready to intervene if it goes wrong.

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