Sep 22, 2019
Queensland, Australia
Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop up some photos of my girls here.
Everyone has been so helpful and kind in helping us. About a year ago, I happened upon this site and was so extremely grateful for the advice and support I was given. I was distraught at the time. I had lost one of our Australorp Bantams and our other one was being picked on horrendously by our two Plymouth Rock. With a heavy heart, I rehomed Dixie our Bantam and the support I received here was incredible.
I had meant to tell a bit of our story then, but never did...

Fast forward a year. We still have our two Plymouth Rock girls.
Thatcher, in the first pic, is nearly 3 years old. She's currently being medicated for coccidiosis, and that's why I came back here to look for advice.
She was my first chook, whom I received has a birthday present, along with two brothers who I had to rehome as our council doesn't as allow roosters. (They went to live on a farm).

Then Speckles is our other Plymouth. She is 2 weeks younger than Thatcher and they adore each other!
Last year Speckles went broody 5 times within a few weeks of each other and we just couldn't break it. It was exhausting. So we gave her a few eggs to sit on in the end and none of them took. So one Saturday morning, we went and bought Frankie and Lola, who were two days old and that night, we snuck them down to the coop and put them under broody Speckles.
In the morning, I got up at sunrise and went to see what was happening. Speckles was dumbfounded and completely smitten with her new babies. She was the most amazing Mom.

At 6 weeks old, we installed a new, bigger coop that had a division underneath and Thatcher was able to observe Speckles and her girls, without interfering. It worked perfectly, as when the chicks were 8 weeks, we lifted the division and they all just happily integrated with each other.
If anything, Thatcher is kinder and more maternal with Frankie and Lola.

Frankie is the chook having a dust bath. Feisty Frankie is extremely head strong and inquisitive. Loving Lola loves a cuddle and is very cheeky, she's the Isa Brown standing.
They are about 24 weeks. Frankie started laying at 17 weeks to the day and Lola at 21 weeks.

They live in their penthouse that my husband built that's attached to a 7 meter run, which is shut off at night by a sliding door in the coop.

That's our story 😊


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