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Sep 25, 2019
Bay City, Texas
Hey everyone!
I am currently raising 2 hens, 1 rooster, 4 ducks, 8 three week old chicks, 2 one week old goslings, 2 one week old ducklings, and 4 one week old chicks.
I've wanted to raise chickens for years and my boyfriend's coworker sold some older chickens and ducks to us a few months ago. We believe they are about 2 or 3 years old. We decided we wanted to get some babies to raise so ordered some online. Before they were to arrive, we went to the tractor supply store to check out their set up for the chicks they were selling. They were eager to get rid of the chicks because they were over 2 weeks old so we offered to take their entire set up with the birds included(not the best idea after all). The older birds are outside, the older chicks are in one brooder, and the younger chicks, ducklings, and goslings are in another brooder. So I've joined this site to get ideas and advice.
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Hello and welcome to BYC. I hope that you enjoy your time here.

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