Is a Serama's crow as loud as others?


Seramatching Equestrian
10 Years
Aug 18, 2009
I was wanting to start a small trio of breeding chickens, but I was looking for a breed that has a softer crow. I have heard Seramas and it seems like they have a more higher squeakier crow. Would their crowing be a nuisance to neighbors? Or are they not loud enough?

Our couple of Serama's are just as noisy as the big roos. A bit higher pitched. Will depend on how close your neighbors are and if they like chickens. Of the 17 roosters we have, the quietest one is our Wheaten OEG. But it is all going to depend on the bird itself.
yeah we call our little guy a squeaky toy
he crows quite a bit but it's higher pitched and shorter than a big roo's
BluegrassSeramas has a line of "squeaky" rooster seramas. They are very quiet. You should ask her about it. One of the squeaky roos is Mr. Wonderful. You can hear him crow on youtube.
If what they sound like is important to you, get one that is already crowing, so you can hear what it sounds like. A couple of mine have really butchered up, garbledy, raspy crows! Tell you the truth, the best sounding crow comes from out my neighbor's window in the morning (she has no chickens)!

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