Is Ladybird really a lady?

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Jul 4, 2010
Mid Coast Maine
I have been thinking Ladybird was a girl because her comb and wattles were significantly smaller than her half-brother's and he has been crowing for a while now and she hasn't, and she is smaller than him. But today, they were fighting a lot and I noticed some longer feathers on her head and she grabbed onto the back of a pullet's head. Is Ladybird really a lady? Let me know if you need more pictures.

A side shot would really help...

So far I am 85% on the Hen side.
He/r comb color though is not the best.

Edited to ask He/r age?
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I think she's a girl. My one silkie chick that I hatched was a boy- he had a far more swept back hairdo, yours has more of a powder puff thing going on.

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