Is there such thing as a "gentle rooster" help me choose what's right!

haha. recently, we had to put or Silver Laced Rooster (Zorro) down due to a neurological disorder. We are currently in the market for another Rooster. But we want to make sure we get something similar to him, as far as being protective of the hens, but also not too aggressive. We currently have these types of hens: Plymouth Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Araucaunas, Hy-line Browns, Golden Comets, Buff Orpingtons, and one Black Cuckoo Maran. We loved the the docile-ness of Zorro. And we once had a PBR rooster, but something got him. I'm wanting a rooster preferably not with the black gene or whatever you call it. Don't get me wrong I love my PBR and his hens, but I'd like to sometimes have something with a little more color, and every hen he mated with hatched black chicks. (im assuming the black is dominant?) The araucaunas, hylines, golden coments, and buffs have yet to be mated with anything. INfact only the hylines are laying as of now.. but i'd like for some kind of rooster that, if mated with say a golden comet.. wouldn't produce a black chicken.. want a color variety. I hope this makes sense. Please help, any advice would be grateful. what kind of roosters do you guys have? Say I had a buff rooster, that mated with one of my PBR.. I ASSUME they would have the black chicks no matter what am i wrong? I have about 30 hens.. so I need for him to be able to "keep up" bc I really do NOT want more than one Rooster. TY in advance


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My mum has a Light Sussex cockerel. He's handsome, docile, quiet and produces fluffy yellow chicks. Light Sussex are a good strong and hardy breed. My mum's light sussex cockerel (Timothy) is protective of his hens but has never, ever been aggressive towards us. I like Light Sussex as they are pretty- and they'd produce a chick that isn't black!

Good luck!



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The blue and splash laced red wyandotte roosters I had were always nice to both us and the hens, and the blue gene would give nice colors in his offspring, without getting the E or ER black types you want to avoid. It can be luck of the draw with some roosters no matter what breed though. Brahmas are also very sweet but would give all the chicks fluffy legs. Some of the prettiest are blue partridge if you can find one. Or buff laced. Cochin bantam roosters are good with the ladies too but all offspring would get the fluffy legs too. So I would pick the BLRW if not wanting fluffy legs..

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I'd say that whilst some breed recommendations can possibly be useful - its more down to temperament of an individual bird.


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I have a buff orpington cockerel. He is always checking the hens, but still sweet enough for my ten year old daughter to handle. I love his personality. He's just like you said you want yours to be. The lavender orps are beautiful and mix beautifully with the laced buffs. They say about one cock for ten hens. It helps keep him from getting exhausted.


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I saw a thread like this once on here and several people had responded. I remember a lot of folks having had really good luck with faverolles. They are such beautiful roosters too!

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