Is this bumblefoot?


May 31, 2022
Three weeks ago, I noticed this black spot on the bottom of my chicken foot (just saw it on accident)..... I looked yesterday and it's still there (pic from yesterday). Not any better OR worse. Just this little pinhead of a scab spot. I think she MIGHT have the exact same situation on other foot, but she wasn't cooperating yesterday. Anyway, I took a wet soapy rag and wiped her foot really well. The tiny scabby part seemed to wipe away but I could see a pinhole abrasion. It's not hard feeling or swollen or red. It looks like dirt but feels rough. I think the rag was coarse enough to scrap it. But anyway, does bumblefoot start out this way? Should I just keep cleaning it? I'll have to check it later tonight after I get home from work. And try to look at her other foot. She's not limping and doesn't seem in any kind of pain or acting different, but I don't want this to progress. But, again, it's been three weeks and still the same. I kind of wonder if I should just leave alone? Anyone with this experience?

There are two stages of bumblefoot. Stage one is the foot injury that is not infected, and it usually heals on its own. The second stage is actually bumblefoot and that's when the injury becomes infected, and pus need to be removed and the wound treated and bandaged.

This is stage one, and you've already done what needs to be done. I would just spray it with Vetericyn and keep an eye on it for signs of infection. But it should heal normally from here.

Seeing such a spot on both feet, though, points to a perch too high or/and inadequate bedding under the perch to cushion the dismount. I suggest correcting those things to avoid further injury.

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