Is this something I should be suspicious of?


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Mar 27, 2014
Ok all, I am pretty well sure that at least one of my R.I.R.'s bought from the pullet bin is really a roo. The coop is almost ready where they will have more room but the 6 of them are in a kiddie pool right now and probably for another week or two and in the meantime he is an onery little buggar in there, he bullies everyone else a lot. This is him?my question is, since I cannot keep him is this ad legit or is there some underground chicken problem I should be aware of., rooster&ad_cid=2

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The behavior alone doesn't necessarily mean he is a cockerel. It could be the dominant female, or the one that want to be. He really doesn't look like a cockerel to me, either, but these "RIR" at feed stores are usually a mix of 2 or 3 breeds so it's difficult to say. Its behavior may settle down wen it gets outdoors and on dirt, and maybe some grass for a while.
wow if that's a RIR it is a weird one looks like a salmon me
Wow that is awesome if you all think it may be a pullett. I was afraid of the roo factor because others had indicated at a younger age they were leaning that way and it has very thick legs compared to the others. He/she is just now a little over a 4 weeks old since I got them on the 22nd of last month and reasoning they were no more than 3 days old when I got them. Its comb is definitely more developed than the others of its same breed and a bit peachier but I am comparing it also to the one that almost died so got a bit stunted in development. When I got them they looked just like the pictures of feed store R.I.R.'s on the internet but since then its head seems much lighter definitely not a Salmon Fav though they were much more red as chicks, the feathers that have been coming in on its body are a very rich mahogany color, very pretty in fact. I would love it if it was a pullet and the head hen because he/she is very easy going and comfortable with being handled and that would be ideal for us. I was kind of bummed that the easiest one to catch and handle was the one that was going to have to go.
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The ad link doesn't work so can't help you with that.

Given the comb development & the size of the shank I'd say you have a cockerel there.
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OOps. ok, I think I fixed the link in the original post...sorry that it was not there to see.
Just understand that these buyers of birds for a $1 aren't looking for pets and they don't bed them down in rose pedals and clover until they die a natural death, if you know what I mean. They're used for food. Sometimes for people and sometimes for animals. But that is what a chicken is for in most people's book.

Yes, that is a cockerel. If that is a pullet, she's 1/2 Emu or something with those thunder shanks and feet.

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