Jealous Pets???


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Dec 13, 2020
Hi guys! Happy to say our chicks are doing well!... but our cat is NOT. We had her long before the chicks, and when we got the chicks she would go lay by their brooder, basking in the overflow of red warmth. But now she’s very lethargic and has stopped eating. Still likes hanging around the chicks though! No predatory behavior either, just likes being by them.
I know this isn’t a cat forum, but has anyone else experienced this with their pets? Do they get jealous? Could it be that she drank some dirty water or ate chick starter somehow, and is now suffering from an upset stomach?
I’d love to hear your advice, stories, and experience with such things!
Animals do get jealous. My dog gets jealous of other animals getting my attention.

Cats on the other hand do strange things and are not easy to predict sometimes. My neighbor's cat was getting bullied by her dog, so he starved himself and would not go home. We ended up feeding him for a while so he wouldn't starve to death. He would also act out of sorts sometimes, likely cause he lost a fight or something. If I comforted him and let him curl up in my lap, he would be back to his normal self. Cats can be a bit more moody.
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My Dogs are jealous of my chickens. My Mini pony is jealous of my chickens. My husband is not jealous of my chickens which is a good thing! My horse thinks my chickens get fed better than he does and he is correct because he is on a diet. Cats do get upset about newcomers in their home but if a cat goes off his/her feed there might be something else going on. Older cats are prone diabetes, kidney disease and other health problems.

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