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    My old high school choir's husband got up to speak today but before he got to business he told a joke:

    An inebbreated man fumbled through the woods and came upon a group of people standing at the edge of the water. A Pastor called from the water and said, "Have you found Jesus my son?" The man said, no, but I'd like to. The Pastor took the man and dunk him under the water and when he pulled him back up, said, "Have you found Jesus?" The man replied, "No."

    So the Pastor dunk the man under water again and pulled him back up and said, "NOW have you found Jesus my son?" The man replies back, "No, I did not."

    The Pastor dunks him again and this time holds him under the water a bit longer this time and when he pulls the man out the Pastor exclaims, "God Almighty! Did you find Jesus this time, brother?" And the man wipes away the water from his face and says, "No. Are you sure this is where he went in?"


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    Haha this reminds me of getting a double dipping at church because it didnt went under all the way the first time. I got a double blessing too... lol

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