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    Dec 26, 2007
    I went to the feed store today to get more Starter feed for my chicks and quails and when i got home and open the bag it was full of Weebles
    ( everyone here calls them Weebles i'm not sure what the real name of the bugs are or if i'm spelling it right to start with..lol )

    But it's the little black bugs so i do what i always do when i find Weebles in my chicken/chick food or Bird food.

    I buy the Giant Zip Lock Bags and put all the feed or bird food in the zip lock bags and put the bags in the freezer for 24hours and 1-2-3 all the Weebles and there eggs are dead [​IMG]


    I have a 1 year old Roller Pigeon Female and she is sooooooo wanting to breed but her male was killed by a hawk [​IMG]

    I can't find a male for her and i Will Not let her breed with any other breed i want pure breeds

    So i'm going to stop by the flea market this weekend and see if they have any.. they prolly wont like always [​IMG]

    I took 2 larg white marbles and put in her nest box and she has been sitting on them for a week now she gets up every day for about 20mins to eat drink and fly then back on the marbles..lol


    I didn't know baby quail eat like chickens.. i was watching my button and coturnix chicks eat and they eat a little bit of food then scratch the floor like chickens..lol see i learn something today


    If anyone else would like to share anything about there pets fill free to.. maybe i'll learn more today..lol [​IMG]

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