Let the chickens out of their pen and they are doing great


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Jul 8, 2010
Finally was able to let the chickens out of their pen. It was a 20 foot long by 8 foot wide pen attached to their chicken house. It was to be temporary until we got any holes fixed in the fencing around the land we have. Finally got that done and got the chickens turned loose this morning.

The turkeys were in the larger area and was at first a bit worried that they would be all ok together. After about 3 or 4minutes, they all were doing fine.

The chickens are sure busy little bees flitting all over eating and finding things.

A good thing is that if they feel the least bit afraid, worried or threatened, they immediately run to their chicken house and go inside. They take shelter in there. I was worried if they would still go to their house once they were turned out into the larger area.

Right now they are staying on about 1/8 acre area. They have access to about 2 acres (or maybe 3) total. I figure they will roam further out as they get more accustomed to having more room to run around.

It is so much fun to set and watch them. Even the turkeys seem to eat from the ground stuff more. Tom used to only peck occasionally at free range foods, but he was going like crazy once the chickens were out and doing it. The new hen turkey was raised free range and she already was "ground" eating and not so dependent on commercial foods.


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Nov 9, 2007
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My chickens free range and they have designated safe zones in every area they frequent. If they are close to the coop, they go to the coop, but otherwise find the closest safe zone whenever they feel threatened.


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Feb 24, 2009
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I'm so glad everything's going so well for you, but I have to share something.....Keeping turkeys and chickens together can be a bad thing. This is because turkeys can catch a deadly disease from chickens, called blackhead disease. All chickens are carriers, and the turkeys get it from coming into contact with the chicken's droppings.

Now, I know a farmer who has turkeys and chickens running around together, and he hasn't had a problem, but he has a pretty large farm. Alot of people will tell you, aww, that's not really true, because they personally raise them together, but it's the luck of the draw really. And the blackhead disease is not cureable and will kill your turkeys.

So sorry to bring some negative news to you, but I figured it was important.


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