my wife and I recently bought 6 acres and immediately acquired ostriches, geese, ducks, guinea's and of course chickens. organic/sustainable permaculture is the name of the game!

I am excited to banter with like minded people for better homesteads all around!

Hi, welcome to the forum, home of the best group of sticky shoe'd people anywhere.

Sounds like we have some shared interests. Right now I am aiming to get the bulk of my garden into raised no till beds over the winter. Figuring out how much charcoal I need to make for them, and how long I need to leave it under the little furry fertilizer machines, (aka rabbits). Putting in some freebie black raspberry bushes from craigslist, and putting away the last of the peppers.

Those compost chipper/shredders you got sure will come in handy. I put mine over my garden in the winter, and throw every lawn clipping and leaf collected in with them a little at a time. I was surprised with the percentage of oak leaves that the PH doesn't drop. Thinking it must be from the chickens working in the air keeping it a very aerobic process.

Glad to have you aboard, looking forward to hearing your projects and struggles. I, and many others will be glad to share any advice we can. Can't say mine will always be right, but it will be honest. Welcome.

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