Limping Female Pekin Duck - what should I do to heal her?


Jan 11, 2019
Mount Vernon, Washington
I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day. So I previously had a duck pass away after she had been limping/immobile for a few weeks out of the blue. I came home and she was passed away laying by the coop with the other ducks and it was really heartbreaking. Now I have another one of my female ducks who has been limping for at least a couple of weeks now.

When I look closely at the foot she limps on, the ankle looks quite a bit larger then the ankle on her other foot. Unlike the duck I had that passed away after limping for weeks, this girl still manages to walk around and explore almost as much as the others do. She often will find a safe spot in the shade to rest while the other girls are foraging. I have 2 Male Pekin ducks that I have been keeping separate from the girls for a couple of months now.

I have been frequently checking her foot for cuts and black marks as I heard that is a sign of Bumble Foot which is a staph infection caused by a cut typically on the bottom of a duck's foot and often it will look like a black mark on the bottom of their foot. If the staph infection is left untreated it can spread and ultimately cause death (this is what I read online anyhow).

Any advice, help, insight, etc. is greatly appreciated. I'm just worried she will end up passing away like my last girl duck who was limping for a while.

Thank You!!!
Can you post pictures and a video?

Hey guys I'm so sorry I should have included photo's. I did actually record a video but it won't allow me to upload a video onto my thread post unless it's from a social media platform. Anyways, below are some photo's let me know what you guys think! I wrote a description with the photo's so you have a better idea of what you're looking at.

#1 Photo: Both of her feet

#2 Photo: The foot/ankle she is limping on

#3 Photo: Her Right Foot (non-limping one)

#4 Photo: Bottom of her left foot which she limps on
Many things can cause lameness. Sprains, egg issues, botulism, diet, etc.
Her eggs seem to be OK and we currently feed her layer crumble by Nutrena, and once or twice a week we give them black oil sunflower seeds and/or scratch feed. We also supplement crushed oyster shells/coral/granite mixture and offer that daily for them to eat as they please. I keep their water feeders clean, I scrub them with soap and water every 2 days about otherwise they stink and have a green sludge on the inside of them. I have 22 hens and 1 rooster, along with my 6 ducks; 4 females and 2 males.

I've been hearing about using nutritional brewers yeast daily adding into the water feeders for both ducks and chickens, I've heard it helps support their bones/immune systems - does anyone use that with their flocks? I'm thinking I should get some and start adding it every day since this is the second duck I've had with a injury like this.

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