Lonely/sad Chicken.........Advice needed PLEASE!!!


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Jul 12, 2012

Not sure where to begin with this, i am new to posting stuff and threads, etc., however i am hoping someone out there can help me out.

It has been a rough month for me with my girls. I started with (3) 7 month old silkies for pets. We had a wonderful summer and everything went great- the girls free ranged, slept in their coop at night and when i was gone during the day, etc., About 3 weeks ago, my special needs silkie was killed by a hawk when i went inside to fold laundry.

This past weeekend, while i was out of town, my housesitter/petsitter said she had trouble securing the coop doors so she duct tape them. (duct tape??!!) Anyways, the next morning she woke up and the coop door was open and my tan silkie, Rosie was missing. All my girlfriends stepped up to the plate and did a mass search for hours (as i was 500 miles away) trying to find my girl and the consensus is she was eaten by a raccoon. There were feathers going up a tree.... just breaks my heart.

I guess what i am trying to figure out, is what i should do now???? Loretta, my last hen, is beside herself. She is calling out trying to find her best friend Rosie and i am just sick to my stomach. I have a crib in the house that i always put the girls in when the weather is bad and that is where i have Loretta now. I dont want her out in that coop all by herself- at least she has the dogs, myself and the kids to keep her company.

With this said, i have looked online to see if there are available older silkies in the area that i can adopt for her as a companion as soon as possible, but i cannot find any. (i live in a suburb of Chicago)

I am hoping someone out there can help me... either by knowing of a breeder where i can find another silkie (as i feel like it is a hard time of year to find one) or give me ideas on something that might soothe her while i work on finding her a companion.

I really appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read my post, thread, or whatever this might be that i have typed up. We are heartbroken over here and appreciate any and all help that we might receive.

Thank you so much,

Mollie and Loretta

You're right, she needs another chicken. They are flock animals. You could try any bantam, not just silkie. Meanwhile, I'd give give her a stuffed kid's toy or two, and a mirror.
Thank you Judy- i've given her a stuffed animal and a fleece blanket... my chiuahuah, Mabel, is doing her best as well to be supportive! ;)

That is so sad. I had, for 1 week, a lone blue silkie rooster. He lived in a pen by himself. He was lonely, so he thought of me as his companion. He followed me around, rushed to the gate of the pen to greet me, and sat contentedly in my lap or beside me. One day, though, he died from a lice infestation left untreated, as I did not know he had lice. I still miss him, but, lone chickens do get ultra attached to their human companions. Just spend extra time with her.
Oh the poor things! I am so sorry. *hugs* Things will get better!

Try looking on craigslist, the BYC free rehoming forum and even check your local shelters (go on petfinder.com), sometimes if you're in a country area, they'll have hens that need new homes. She definetly needs a friend soon! Prayers sent your way, god bless you and your flock!
Thank you so much for your sweet note- she is hanging in there, but i am looking for a good friend for her and will hopefully find one soon... thank you! Mollie

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