Looking for Waterfowl Eggs


Jun 7, 2018
Northeastern CT
Hello everyone. I'm trying to find hatching eggs of a few different birds, but i'm having trouble finding any one (or even 2) places that carry what i'm looking for. I don't want to pay a million in shipping by going through 3-4 different places if I can at all avoid it. I figured it was time to ask the experts. Does anyone have or know someone with hatching eggs of the following species?
Swedes- any color
Welsh Harlequin
Pretty much any goose Toulouse-sized and smaller, as well as Call and exotic ducks. But these last ones aren't as important as the first 5.
I would appreciate any help that any of you can give
I've looked at Metzer, but what i'm looking for isn't available at the moment. I had meant to add that i'm in southeastern CT. I've been checking Craigslist religously for a couple of months now, just people looking to offload male Pekins mostly. I think every duck owner in the world has enough of them or too many already.
I don't have eggs available right now but do have juveniles and adults in
Sebastopol geese
and mini sebastopols

I'll have ancona eggs for hatching available again once fertility has gone up. It's currently down from just coming back into lay from molting season. But I don't like to sell for hatching unless fertility is above 90%

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