Lost wing feathers not growing back


Dec 29, 2016
Stafford VA
Hi one of our comets has had a bare patch for going on 5 months. It looked like a dime sized wound at first but then got progressively worse. I sprayed blue kote on it occasionally but that just seems to irritate the poop outta her and everyone else. Not sure it's even needed. Does anyone have any ideas? Are picking at her? We recently started letting them all free range as it seems some of my girls were losing feathers to which I attested to maybe some picking in the run. It's a very big run but I think it just didnt provide enough entertainment for them. I fenced in the entire property (3 acres) with a 5 and 6 foot wire fence, and they now have about half of that to range. Here's a pic of our hen. Zoom in on the wing. She wouldn't let me catch her so had to get from a distance. Oddly she's the only one that runs from me.


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just a bump, looking for some feedback. I put something called (I think) "Pick no MOre" on the bare spot. I just wasnt sure if her sisters were picking at her. I've had to resolve to doing it at night when they are roosting, as she won't let me catch her during day.
I had a hen who would mount other hens like a rooster to show her dominance. I lost her recently, and now one of her siblings is doing it. It could be something like that, but my hens don't look quite that bad.

Also, I read that chickens that don't have enough protein in their diet might start pecking at each other's feathers to get protein that way. I haven't experienced that, so I'm not sure. Just passing the thought along.
Thank you very much. We've always gicen them layer pellets supplemented with a "snack" (my wife calls it) which is always some kind of vegetable. Does that sound adequate? We have a camera in the coop and will start reviewing footage for evidence of mounting. It doesn't happen during the day as they are a squad in the yard and work in unison. Pecking the ground is serious business.

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