Marans With Featherless Legs?


May 27, 2019
Paulden, AZ
Drop by and visit me and I'll take you to where they come from.:D
:D I bet they are really beautiful! I love learning about all the different breeds.

I'm happy to see someone else finally singing the praises of this great breed. I've been breeding blacks for about 8 years.
Yours are partridge?
Yes, I'd hoped for the crele color, but I was happy to just see them there, once I figured out what they were (the other 2019 surprise was a TSC having crevecoeurs!). That is so cool you are breeding them, keeping them going. My Penedesenca boy doesn't have a really defined carnation comb, unfortunately, so probably not a good one to keep for a breeding line. I was thinking making olive eggers with him might be ok.
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