Maybe I just have different standards

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    MONTHS ago a friend I had a play date with our kids at a park. My SO got off work and I went to pick him up at his parents and the guy followed because we were all going to the laser show that night.

    I pulled down the driveway, put it in park, and got out to talk to him about something when I noticed my car started to roll back..
    Turns out my youngest son got out of his car seat and put it in netural.
    Our cars were only a few feet a part and it was the slightest incline so it did no cosmetic damage to his car except make the light point down at the road (he didnt know it till he drove at night)
    As soon as he got out of the car he said... Youre going to fix whatever just happend.
    That was totally fine with me. We told him to go get an estimate and well fix it.

    Cheap lesson learned and thank goodness that is all that happend as it could have been WAY worse.

    Its now months later and a few weeks ago he gets drunk over at my sisters house and leaves early in the morning (6-7 am after staying up till midnight - 1 am drinking)
    My sister gets a call later and hes trying to say someone back down his car at her house because his the passenger fender is gone or crumpled (cant remember), the hood is messed up, and the side view mirror is gone. When my sister started questioning where he parked he couldnt remember if it was in the driveway or the street.. The suddnely his story changed and it must have happend in a parking lot!
    Everyone seems to think he left my sisters still drunk and hit a mail box.

    What makes me mad is he told my sister ALL the damage (even the one my car caused) is going on one claim. He called me up today saying he still going to get an estimate for the damage my car caused.

    What makes me mad is that the damage my car caused happend MONTHS ago and everytime I would see him would say 'I still need to go get an estimate'. Now that his car is REALLY messed up he has to turn it into insurance.. I feel like hes using me to pay his deductible or pocket the money.
    SO is mad because he says any estimate he gets is going to be tainted due to the new damage.

    What really gets my goat is a week or so after my car bumped his, his GSD came ran up to my car and jumped on it leaving 3 HUGE scratches down my drivers door. Someone was stading out there and said 'CALL YOUR DOG! IT JUST LEFT HUGE SCRATCHES ON HER CAR!'
    He nonchalantly called his dog and it was I who grabbed his dog and drug it to put it up. When I reached him he said 'Sorry, but this doesnt make us even'

    IDK maybe I just have different standards on how things should go. If the rolls were reversed I would have never even of asked for money to fix it unless there was a substantial amount of damage to the car.
    Now its MONTHS later and there is TONS of damage to the car that hes putting on one claim and he still expects me to pay him??


    Am I wrong for thinking of tell him to bug off and he can stick that estimate where the sun dont shine?
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    Well if it was me.....I would call the police in the area and see if there ws any type of hit and run and if so, report him.
    And I would go get an estimate on my car.
    But I wouldn't pay him a red cent.
  3. SarahFair

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    Sep 23, 2008
    Monroe, Ga
    Quote:An estimate on the scratches?

    I thought about doing that and telling him Ill pay the difference (but that was even before the new damage happend)
  4. chickenzoo

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    I would tell him to buzz off...... too much time has gone by and his dog damaged your car etc... if he had been really worried about it he would have gotten an estimate long ago. Did you put it in writing that you were fixing it? If not... tuff turkey for him.... If he pushed the issue I'd tell him that you'll go get an estimate for the damage his dog did and deduct that from the damage estimate for just the original damage......
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  5. ParadiseFoundFarm

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    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or in any way affiliated with an insurance company. It's likely he isn't either as he drives drunk, and wants to lie to an insurance company to have them fix things for free for him on their dime.

    My Dear:
    You are borrowing trouble from tomorrow. Stop worrying. You DO Have the upper hand here. Your solution is so simple but you are so close you can't see it.
    This person is talking about and will likely follow through on making a false claim to his insurance company. I BELIEVE that is a big crime and I BELIEVE it's called "Insurance Fraud."
    I recommend you mention this to him and if a claim goes to your insurance company you will be informing them of the WHOLE story.
    So, is he going to fix your car of the damage done by his dog, witnessed by neighbors?
    Or is he going to jail for Insurance Fraud?

  6. biddybird

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    I am hoping you took a picture of the car after the first incident. If you know your agent I would be giving him a call letting him know what is up.
  7. Elphaba2140

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    No what you have is ethics. You know right from wrong. Your SO doesn't. I am certainly not telling you what to do, but if it were me, I would make him an X-SO as of yesterday. Your don't want your children to have this person as a role model. He has already shown he was disrespectful to you. Good Luck.

  8. SarahFair

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    No no no...
    My SO isnt the one with the wrecked car. That is a friend.
    My SO is upset that FRIEND is taking the the car to get estimated AFTER its been wrecked in fear it will taint the outcome.
  9. Buugette

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    I wouldn't pay one dime now. You offered... It has been months. Now with all this extra damage... He can't prove what he did when. The insurance company will want to know what happened. He doesnt know... But better be careful what he does say, the shop, if a good one, can tell the difference between you hitting something and another car hitting you.

  10. Carols Clucks

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    Oct 13, 2010
    I think you first need your door repainted.

    Second, you need to only pay for the damaged light, if it was not cracked this might be nothing more than a turn of a screwdriver to adjust. Google his make and model of car and see how the lights adjust.

    Then I would offer him $25 for the light adjustment and tell him the call to his insurance company about the false claim and the call to the highway patrol about the hit and run will be costing him a lot more.

    If he did hit some one, call cause there is some one else out there who did nothing wrong and now has a bill to pay due to his negligence (not a lawyer here...just what I would do)

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