Meet "Roo," my 7-week-old Barred Rock pullet . . . or is she?

Cockerel or Pullet?

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Mar 7, 2018
Hi everyone,

Pictured below is the very outgoing, curious, friendly, brave little 7-week-old chicken that we named Rooster ("Roo") for short. I know, not the most creative name. We hope she'll be one of the many pullets named Roo.

I started to have my doubts about her gender early on, because she was just so bold. Her behavior was totally different than the other 5 chicks we have, but she's also the only Barred Rock. She seemed to carry herself very upright, too. After awhile I stopped being concerned because she seemed darker in color than a lot of the lighter BR cockerels I've seen pictured on these forums, and because her comb didn't seem too big, or too red.

But now I've registered for an account, so I figured I would just go ahead and ask the experts. So tell me: cockerel or pullet?

[note the pic where she was so curious about my phone that she came over to give it a peck]


I agree on pullet. Small comb. For what it's worth I have a feeling that the reason for her behavior is that she's at the top of the pecking order. I believe BR are pretty big and act somewhat dominant. I have a BO who acted the same and as I watched them more it seems she's at the top.
Thanks, everyone, for the speedy responses. Looks like it's unanimous - she's a she! Glad to get to keep our most entertaining chicken. Cheers!

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