Miss Jayne... Yoo Hoo.. recipe please :)

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    May I beg of you ... to have a hamburger /hot dog roll recipe? [​IMG]

    pretty please with lots of sugar on top? [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thank you!
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    Miss_Jayne- It appears you missed one! [​IMG]
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    how did i miss this? my super powers failed me! i got the extended warranty on that cape and everything! [​IMG]

    i use the Sweet White Bread to make Kaiser rolls, Hamburger and Hot Dog buns.

    when it comes time to shape the dough, divide into two halves. use one half at a time and divide it into 8 equal pieces for Kaiser/hamburger/sandwich rolls.
    don't go crazy rolling up balls of dough, just cut a piece and pull edges under to form a round. place on prepared pan (you can sprinkle with sesame seeds or poppy seeds at this point if desired) and follow the directions for the second rise.

    for hot dog buns, same deal, but divide and make a fat 'snake' with the dough. (about 2/3 the desired size) place on prepared pan and follow the second rise directions.

    recipe here: (post #15)


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