Missing pigeon :'( plz help updated


9 Years
May 11, 2010
ok, so i live on an island, about a 5 minit ferry ride from the mainland. I have two pigeons, Dalilah (well, we call him "Dale" now...) and Lucky, there Iranian High flyers, both male. today they decided to take a fly, it was a nice warm sunny day, and a lot of other birds were riding the thermals. they lived up to there name and went REALY HIGH, like a thousand feet! they circled around above our house a while then kind of disapeared into the distance... after about 4 hours, Dale, (whos a bit stronger at flying) retuned. Lucky is still gone and its getting dark...
could he have gotten swept away to the mainland by the wind? if so, could he find his way back? i'm realy worried about him i love him so much. ive had him since he was a month old. he was hand raised by a friend of mine. he is so tame, he follows me every where and lands on my sholder. maybe he found a girl pigeon somewhere and got destracted??? im worried about hawks to but they seem to evade them quite well. anyway, i guess my question is could he find his way back across the water??? any advice or support is apprisheated. thanks-cochingurl.
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well, ive closed dale in for the night in their avairy, but left the door to the loft open so if lucky comes back real early in the morning, he can get in. any one with expirince please comment.
hope he comes home!!!
I was on the edge of my seat reading this post!! But I am so glad he has returned.

Now keep that bird safe where he belongs!!

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