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  1. I have looked up and down on this topic, and can't seem to find the answer I am looking for. I have had mites on a few of my pullets and on my Roo.
    I treated them all with Mite and Lice Bird Spray, from the petstore. It contains 0.03% pyrethrins, which I have seen on here is the way to go. I have also dusted the coop and nesting boxes with DE.
    I did all this sunday, when do I retreat?
    One of my pullets, Viola, she has a crossed beak and I guess can therefor not groom herself as efficiently as the others so she had it worse, she even has what I think is mite eggs on some of the feathers, far down at the base, close to the skin. The "eggs" looked dried out but maybe they are still viable. Do I need to remove those eggs or do you think I killed them as well when I sprayed and dusted?
    Thanks, Kycklingmamma
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    I would just leave them and let them try, you can't win if you don't play... let them try. Just candle them today so you can check in a week for more development. Then you will know if they are doing okay.
  3. onthespot,
    did you maybe post on the wrong subject?
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    Quote:I know when I candle mite eggs I have to use a microscope. [​IMG]

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    Retreat at 7-10 days. I try for the 9 day mark, but anywhere in that time frame should take care of any nrely hatched ones.

    With mites, be sure to actually spray the perches(under neath as well) and any cracks in the coop.

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    This Texas A&M document discusses the different mites and life cycles. Further down, it gives possible treatments and and warnings for each. Treatment will depend on which type of mite you have.

    What you describe could easily be lice. Those are listed here also. publications/b-1088.pdf
  8. Thanks all,

    I didn't realize that I was made fun of at first but I got it...funny. I din't mean viable as in a good thing, more like will the turn into mite biters...

    I will do the microscope thing in 8 days and if I see or don't see anything I will retreat in 9 days.

    That should do it right?

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    oops, sorry, too many windows open!

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