Muscovy duckling story (and questions)


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Jun 2, 2017
So... backstory.... I found a male muscovy dead in a pond and found it suspicious, ended up finding a duckling be itself in the pond frantically peeping and being ignored by the other ducks. Being the bleeding heart I am I couldn't bare to see the little guy hurt, especially seeing all the snaping turtles having a nice dinner of the dead moscovy (graphic, I know.) This particular pond has a brick wall around it, making it hard for the ducklings to get out (ive seen alot of dead ones here :( ) and knew such a small baby would surely drown. I fell in a couple times trying to grab the little fella and everything ended with my boyfriend stripping to his undies and diving in for the duckling. I walked around the pond several times in search of ducklings like him, but all the ducklings we saw were much bigger, giving me the sinking realisation that the dead duck in the pond was this poor things parent...even more so with the discovery of another muscovy body in the water dead..this time a female. I had no clue what kind of ducks these guys were and immidately took the duckling to my mother who had raised ducks before and after countless hours of research I had all the knowledge I needed to help him out. I now have a pet duck, seeing the laws in Texas permit killing muscovies. I found out he was a boy after he started hissing at me and his comically sized feet and claws. Hes adjusting very quickly, and hes very sweet to me, still a tad skittish though, understandably. I have a pen outside for him and he loves stuffed animals. But i want him to be able to free range. I do have hens who free range, so im worried he may be a problem.

Will he harm my hens?
Also any tips on getting him more used to me?


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May 31, 2017
I have 1 large older male three females one has hatched 10 in the last 2 days only lost one so far and the other female is due to hatch in a few days. The more time you spend with them the more they will like and get to know you. treats fresh greens and a swimming pool will help you make fast friends.


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Jul 13, 2016
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You could also give him 3 females? He sounds lonely how he likes cuddly toys.....Its great how you saved him!
:welcome He won't hurt the hens as long as he has his own females (if you do get female mucovises do not give hm only one he will over mate it.... so i would get about 3 or 4......they don't need to be the same breed.....:)

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He def needs companions of his own . Muscovy's can and will adapt to other breeds of ducks but they really do better having their own. My Muscovy's have nothing at all to do with my Runners and Buffs including my Muscovy drake he really loves his Muscovy girls though.

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