My 7 month old chicken got very-very sick, please help!

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    My 7 month old hen got very sick in the past couple of days - so bad that she has not been eating or drinking at all. She can hardly walk, falling all the time. I gave her coconut oil for 2 days in a row. It doesn't seem to be helping. I also gave her some DE 2 days ago with no effect.

    Today I started to give her water with added organic apple cider vinegar via medicine dispenser. I read here a post that it has helped someone.

    My chicken is very-very weak right now. I think she also might be dehydrated, so I give her water via dispenser every half an hour....

    Do you have a similar experience? Did something work for your chicken? Please share your positive experiences! Greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to BYC.Dehydration may been her main problem to start with. When chickens get sick water is best. What did you give coconut oil for? How does her crop feel-- empty, full, hard, or soft or balloon-like? Has she lost weight when you feel of her breast bone or hold her? Feel of her lower belly for fullness or tightness. Has she laid an egg lately? Bring her inside if possible in a laundry basket or dog crate. Can you feel inside her vent with a finger an inch or two for a stuck egg? Forget the vinegar, and just put some poultry electrolytes in her water, such as SaveAChick or give her 3 ml of Poultry NutriDrench or Poultry Cell. Pedialyte or Gatorade will do in a pinch. If she will drink, offer her a few bites of chopped cooked egg or tuna, and add some water to a small bowl of feed. Note any droppings and if there is diarrhea or a color change. Let us know how she is doing.
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