My Dog is eating chicken poop, is this harmful?


May 23, 2020
Hi there.
My eight year old German Shepherd loves to eat chicken poop. I let my chickens out to forage for a bit about once a day (the rest of the time they are in their run) - and my dog seeks out any droppings that they have left behind. It is NASTY and I have had a hard time getting her to stop doing it. I am wondering if this could affect my dog's health. Can the poop harm her?
It’s just as the third poster said. If they have worms your dog can get worms. They can just pass things around. So poop eaters - I unhappily have another word for them. I have one in my family also. My daughter’s dog -a smart little Shichon- who is still a __ __ __ __ eater although extremely intelligent otherwise seems to crave the poop and now the barn lime that I have put down to help prevent mites and lice. So maybe it will cure her of her poop fits she throws also when we put her in a dog kennel and her separation anxiety when my daughter leaves the house ! lol and she vomits. They are notorious for this. We focused on keeping our dogs so calm around our chickens and tried to keep them so well behaved around the chicks that I hate to fuss at them too much around the chickens that it’s hard if they are calm and not hurting the chicks. It makes it difficult for us if they are

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