My duck lost her foot from frostbite

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by evatheanimallover, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. evatheanimallover

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    Mar 14, 2018
    Hi, I'm newly registered here, but my mom has been a member for a while already. So we have 7 ducks that we rescued. A month and a half ago, this duck named Sunshine wasn't feeling well, wasn't chatting like the others, was always resting, etc. We knew she had something but didn't know what. At least she was eating and drinking. 2 weeks ago, she lost part of her left foot (2 toes) due to frostbite from the previous place. The part remaining is totally fine, perfectly healed, nothing bleeding. When she lost that part, she totally changed and became a quacking, full of life duck. But the other foot (so the right foot) was all purpleish/blackish and looked dry. I knew that she was going to loose it someday. Well «that day» was yesterday night. She now has only a stump on that part. The part of the leg still on her body is healed. However she has difficulty to move because she's unbalanced. She is still eating and being her quacky self, but I was wondering if somebody has an idea to make her more confortable. I know 3D printed foot exists but maybe there is something a little cheaper that doesn't require a lot of maintenance? Because she is still a scared duck that doesn't like being handle. We live in Quebec, Canada. Yes it is cold, but the ducks live in a «shed» type house with 4 heat lamps because here we had days that the temperature was -40 degrees Celsius this winter.. They have lots of hay, we made sure the floor is always dry so I do not think that she got frostbite from here, well I hope not... Thank you! :) -Eva.
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    First I want to say thanks for taking her to your home where she is getting great care! It sounds like she is feeling better now that she is done with the frostbite. I have seen several pictures of home made duck prosthetics/boots/leg braces of various sorts. Hopefully someone can chime in that has actually built one. I think as long as risk of infection has passed and she is comfortable, she should be able to walk with a little help and you should be able to make something. Good luck and keep us updated.
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    @BantyChooks Might help?

    Welcome to BYC and bless you for rescuing these ducks.
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    Hello fellow Canadian..:frow
    I seen someone once made a prosthetic leg for a Duck once depending how high up ?..It looked like a pirates peg leg just for balance..Hmm? Not sure. Contact the local University livestock division..:frow
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    Feb 22, 2018
    Poor girl! Watch out for breast blisters if she spends a lot of time lying down.
  6. Emmaxx

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    Apr 16, 2017
    What kind of duck is she? I would think the options would be different with a light duck than for a heavy duck. If she is all healed up then could you possibly make a cast of her leg, then you would only have to upset her once to have something you could test ideas out on?
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    @yoopergirl1211 Had a Muscovy drake lose his foot to frost bite last we heard he was doing well. Hopefully she'll see this and offer some advise.
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    Wow your so kind for taking care of the duck!! :welcome Glad to have you here:yesss: :woot Enjoy your time here :wee:frow
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    Poor little cutie. I had a 1 legged duck before but I didn't use a prosthetic. She was fine with a padded place to lay and nearby food and water. Good luck!
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  10. yoopergirl1211

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    Dec 12, 2016
    Erie PA
    Hi! We have kept my boys stump wrapped up and he's still in house because we keep getting snow dumped on us. He's learned how you use the stump to get around. Took a little time but now he gets around just fine. Looking into getting some kind of rubber cap for when he goes outside. With the way he uses it I'll probably always keep it wrapped.
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