My Golden Comets. We got our first egg yesterday!

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    Sep 7, 2018
    D7B141D0-31EA-4839-979A-ED08708BCEF2.jpeg Hi there! I’m in my first year of owning three awesome Golden Comets, Rose, Coop and R2-D2.(can you tell we let the kids name them? Haha.) We got them the weekend after Easter, and they’re all the same age, but I’m a bit confused.

    I’ve recently noticed that Rose has a nice sized red comb and waddle,(so I started watching her behavior more than the other two) but the other two still have short, pink combs with slightly reddish waddles that don’t hang like Rose’s. Is this normal?

    Yesterday was pretty exciting! I was on my back porch and I noticed that Rose was acting a bit strange. Normally, the three of them stick together, but Rose kept wandering off by herself. Around 3:30 yesterday, I came back out to the porch. I was playing around on my phone when all of a sudden I heard Rose loudly go “BCK-BCK BOCKOCK” over and over. I looked out into the yard and saw her jump out of our brush box. (It’s a big, black plastic box that we put sticks and brush in) She jumps down from the box, still making that noise and runs under the porch.

    At first, I was worried that she had been hurt by something else that was in there, so I walked over to where she was to see if she was ok. The look on her face was priceless. There she was, hiding under the porch, wings slightly open, panting, with a look on her face that I can only describe as “what the **** just happened?!?”

    Next, I walk to the box and found an egg! At first I thought it was one of the kids you eggs. Nope, it was real! I was so excited! It’s the very first one! I took it inside and showed everyone. The kids loved seeing it.

    Now, I know their first ones are smaller, so that wasn’t a cause for concern. But what is strange is, the egg is light brown, with white speckles all over. Is this normal as well? Or should they be all brown? If it isn’t normal, what would cause this and how do I correct it? Should I be concerned?
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    Looks perfect for a first egg!! Love the story , I remember that feeling in the delivery room , in fact I looked at the nurse and said you all lied to me !!!

    They will get bigger, browner and easier for her to lay .....

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