My Guardian Angel~long story


8 Years
Feb 5, 2011
I like to belive that everyone has their own personal guardian Angel. But im one of the lucky few who is able to touch and talk to mine everyday.
Angels are alot of differant shapes,sizes and colors mine just happens to be Kitty shaped.

When i was 7 years old my mom told me we were moving and that i could not bring my beloved cat penny with us she was older and would not be able to make the 900 mile trip. i was very sad but she swore to me that after we got settled in i would be able to get another kitten of my chooseing.

when we moved it was in a hurry we had no money and could only take one suite case each with us we stayed with freinds untill we could find a place of our own in Upper MI.
Everynight i prayed God for a kitten i would pray for a female kitten i wanted her to be orange and i was going to name her Ginger.
Almost a year went by before we moved into a wonderful house though we had nothing but what we were able to bring with us in suite cases, no furniture,no dishes,no blankets or beds and mom didnt yet have a job but it was very exciteing like camping out in our own house i was 8 then.
slowly we accquired furniture,dishes,things like that even people from the neighbor hood helped us out by giving us pillows and blankets one person even gave us an entire box of new tooth brushes and playing cards a total of 62 decks!

becuase of how busy we were my mom didnt have the time for us to go looking for a kitten but i was still praying for her my little orange kitten named ginger.

It was a few weeks living in the hosue when i started noticeing a heavily pregant kitty cat comeing into our yard i started feeding her and letting her into our house to be petter she was jsut a plain orange tabby but very sweet i adored her but she would never stay but for an hour to eat and be petted then cry to be let out. i decided i wanted one of her kittens so me and my mom went out searching for her owners ad it wasnt long before we found them they told us momma cats name was haily becuase she was born the night of hailys commet went over and the owner promised me a kitten from the litter.

seemed like i waited forever and one day she came around with a saggy tummy they had been born! we went to talk to the owners who sadly informed us that they could not find the kittens she had had them outside.
i went home dissapointed i quit praying and quit thinking about owning a kitten.
haily continued comeing over to eat and be petted and when seh was done i would walk with her back to her own house since it was a block away and i feared she would get hit by a car or attacked by the neighbors dogs.
one day she ran up ahead of me but i continued to walk when i got closer to ehr i seen a little orange kitten run up to her to rub against her i watched a few seconds then tried to appraoch but the kitten ran and hide under a car so i ran home and told my mom we went to the owners and told them that i would really like the little orange kitten and seh told me she would try captureing it for me. about a week later i got my little orange kitten who was a female the only female from the litter of coarse i named her Ginger! i was 9 when i finally got her. and within a few more weeks haily dropped off her last kitten at our house gingers brother who was the shyest cat ever she brought him onto our enclosed porch we always left open for her with food but for somereason the door had shut on its own trapping her kitten on our porch we named him buddy he was little and grey.

Ginger has always been my cat and only my cat never alloweing anyone but me to really pet or touch her. when i would leave she would wander our house searching for me and still does. while im gone to my bf hosue she will not leave my bed except to eat and go potty.

whenever me and any one else gets into an arguement and yell she will come to my defense and begin "yelling" at them if we dont stop she will attack them.
when she hears people pull into our drive way she growls if people are too close to our house she growls.

ive always been terrably afraid of thunder and lightening so when we woudl have stroms she always stays with me while at night during storms she will lie in bed wide awake as though she is watching out for me if i fall asleep and awake i always find her awake so long as the storm is going on out side.

If i cry or seem upset she always comes to me to jsut be with me and always makes me feel better when she rubs against my face.
whenever we have dogs in the house if Ginger hears me yelling at them she imediatly comes in to also "yell" at the dog and make it do what i say.
once i dealt with a dog who had aggression the dog growling at me and trying to bite me ginger ran to it and attacked it shocking the dog out of its aggressive state.

Ive been suffering from depression and Bi-polar disorder since i was very young the first time i tried cutting my wrists i was in my bedroom Ginger wouldnot stop crying and frantically rubbing against me she refused to let me alone untill i put the blade down then she came to rub against me. this is not the first time she has stopped me from trying this and i Lover her for it.

last year itook a bunch of pills and got drunk my mom thru me into the shower and although i was talking and alert Ginger actually tried climbing into the shower to be with me and would NOT elave my side for a second and ever since that day she will not allow me to go into the bathroom without her when i shower she sits on the toilet seat and watches me if im on the toilet she climbs into my lap to be petted.

she is 13 years old now and slowing down she sleeps most of the day away but still comes to me to be petted and still stays awake thru the night during storms to watch me,still yells at the dogs when they dont mind me still refuses to allow anyone else in the household who have always lived here with her to pet her. this year she had a close call and had to have surgery that nearly killed her. i cant stop thinking more and more about her passing on and when that will be lord knows ill be devistated by loseing her we really grew up together becuase of that i try everyday to make her happy in some little way i always use the blanket she likes most as the one on top and make the bed every mornin for her, i try to give them extra treats, i always keep the couch in my room cleared for them everymorning no matter how bad i have to use the bathroom i make sure to give all of my kittes some morning cuddles before anything else. i always tell ehr i love her atleast 12 times a day becuase she knows what it means becuase whenever i say it she begins to pur i can say "i think your cute" and seh wont purr i can say "i miss you" she wont purr not untill i say "i love you" will she purr.
shes always amazing me and i thank God everyday for giveing her too me.



I believe that our animal friends are put into our lives just when we need them the most. I also believe that we don't ever OWN a pet, but that they are free spirits that choose to stay with us to love us. This goes for any animal, including our chickens. It never ceases to amaze me that our animals know when we are sad or happy. They communicate the true meaning of love.

You are very fortunate to have Ginger in your life, and from the pictures, you can see there is a mutual love. Don't ever feel bad when she is gone to kitty heaven, simply remember her gift of love and your heart will be happy.
That is a sweet story! Cat's are lovely pets and very loving.
And don't worry, my DH had a cat who reached the grand old age of 19.5 years. Your lovely Ginger may still have a good few years to go. It's so sweet how she yells at dogs, not many cats are that brave!
It sounds like you guys were meant to be together. Fate, maybe?
My mom had a cat who didn't like me very much, but one day I had a nervous breakdown and my mom gave me a sleeping pill to calm me down, her answer to everything, unfortunately. The cat came and sat by me on the bed for hours, letting me stroke her and play with her paws and stuff she'd never ever let me do to her before. She knew something was wrong. And she stayed with me until I eventually fell asleep. When I was better she went back to ignoring me!
If you feel down or depressed remember we're here for you. You can talk to us, O.K? I know suicide sometimes seems the only answer, I tried to commit suicide too, when I was 16 and my life was such a mess, I look back and I can't believe I got through that. But if you look hard enough you will find a way out.
Just hang in there and enjoy your lovely kitten. She's a very special cat, by the sounds of it.
i love her more then anything else in this world! ive had people say to me "its just a cat" even my bf doesnt understand it he thinks im "obsessed" that its "unhealthy" to feel so much for "just an animal" but growing up i went thru alot of tough times and no one was there for me except her she was the only one who showed me that i matterd. even now thinking about her makes me smile
That's why she's not "just an animal"! She's there for you when you need someone. I had a dog like that years ago, when I went through a hellish time. He was the only solid, dependable thing in my life and I will always remember him fondly. I have a photo of him in our kitchen and I see it every day and remember the good times I had with him. He wasn't just an animal, he was my friend, my companion my therapist, all in one!

Remember we're here for you as well
That's why she's not "just an animal"! She's there for you when you need someone. I had a dog like that years ago, when I went through a hellish time. He was the only solid, dependable thing in my life and I will always remember him fondly. I have a photo of him in our kitchen and I see it every day and remember the good times I had with him. He wasn't just an animal, he was my friend, my companion my therapist, all in one!

Remember we're here for you as well


I missed my Bambi, my bestest friend, a real Siamese character!

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