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My Coop
We have the people who did it on camera with perfect face shots of them. They thought cutting the camera wires would turn off the cameras. The cameras are battery powered with SD chips in them and I only kept their chargers plugged in. I gave all the SD chips to the police and they said there is nothing they can do about it. They can only arrest them when caught in the act. One of the 3 people who broke into my workshop was the same person who kidnapped Koda and Nova last year. They didn't get everything in my shop so I know they will come back. But this time Nova will be inside waiting for them.
Nova became very aggressive towards strangers (Only when we aren't present) since the person taking her and Koda.

We gave a scrapper guy 4 fridges, a washer, microwave and a dryer one time. He came back and I told him we didn't have anymore scrap for him and asked him to leave. I told him to stay away from my dogs. That they act sweet and cute till you get close and then they bite. He went through our yard looking for scrap metal while we were sleeping and tried taking my kennel panel feet. They were prompt up against the outdoor kennel. The man thought I was joking that my dogs would bite him. Koda bit him through the fence and Nova jumped the 6ft tall Kennel Panel chasing him to his car. He tried to "pin" (more like kill) Nova against our house with his car. The guy called the police on us for him getting bit. We have tons of signs up saying "Private Property" "Beware of Dogs" and "No Trespassing" "Beware Attacking Dogs". Cops showed up and arrested him for trespassing and animal endangerment. He only spent 3 nights in jail. His son is the one who kidnapped Nova and Koda and was one of the three people who broke into my workshop. I wouldn't doubt the other 2 are relatives as well.

Nova and Koda
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Holy smokes!! :barnie There is just no excuse for thievery.

I agree with blayt90.... karma!!
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