My hen are killing my roosters!


5 Years
Nov 13, 2017
My hen are attacking my roosters, pecking at their eye and leaving them a bloody pulp near dead. I removed the old rooster and introduced a younger one and they nearly killed him too.
How do you do a gradual introduction on a new rooster. And why did they attack the old one in the first place?
How many quail hens? Size of cage? How many roosters in same cage? How many quail do you have all together?

I have 5 cages of approx 2’ x 2’. Each cage has 1 boy and 5 girls. A couple times I’ve had a hen be aggressive, so a swap occurs and usually aggressive hen not an issue in new cage. Since all cages are within small area and all sides are mesh, all mybirds can see and/ or hear each other, so not like introducing a brand new bird into a cage. If I buy new birds, they either make a new cage themselves, or more than one new bird is added to the cage andthen they are monitored to make sure nothing too horrible occurs. But, there’s been a few bloody wounds and pecked eyes.
I had 5 hens and a rooster in a cage 24" X 30". They are all September hatch-lings. I guess I'll have to find a way to get the newby associated with the flock but safe from them until they get familiar like in the articale suggested above.

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