My Rooster died after Tylan


In the Brooder
Feb 16, 2019

I had a rooster who died this morning. He was a couple years old and has had breathing/respiratory issues for a while. I gave him and the flock tylosin powder in their water for 5 days as the instructions said. This morning he died. My question is, could the Tylan 50 powder have killed him? So far his hens haven't died. The timing seems odd to me?

If we wish, we could attribute just about anything coincidental to being causative. The sun came up and the chicken died shortly thereafter, so it must have been the sun that killed my chicken. That's how silly it is.

I really, really urge you to get a necropsy. Or do it yourself. Cut him open, pull out the organs, take pics and post them here. We can help you understand what you're seeing, and maybe we can figure out what killed your rooster. He likely had an underlying issue or set of issues, and the respiratory illness was but one more symptom of something much more lethal.

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