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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by josh44, Feb 25, 2010.

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    I so wish one of my barred NN's were girls.. My only questionable one is definitely not questionable any more. Boy.. Has to be.. He's way too developed in comparrison to the girls. [​IMG] :( [​IMG] This is the only boy I've decided to keep. We've named him Brian. He just stands out to me. If I kept a barred NN boy instead, I would keep the one above. He only has 1 copy of the barring gene. I would get unbarred offspring and barred offspring correct? One of my NN boys has decided to jump the fence and live with the silkies. Maybe I'll get some surprise babies. ETA: They are 16 weeks old.
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    My experience (which is pretty limited) is that barred is pretty dominant. Either roo is very pretty so you can't go wrong. Maybe wait and see how they mature. Lost of cockerels can get kind of nasty once they get the hormones going, around 8 months to a year. That's when I'd make the decision.
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    Cynthia 12 those are lovely chicks.

    I'm not going to try to suggest names....most of the names I have for my animals are pretty stupid....Clarence, Gordon, Blackchops, Gwladys, Phyllis etc.....however, I'm sure that someone will come up with good names.

    Just noticed that my Marv's eyes are turning think Gordon is her dad.

    Here's my last unintended hatch with naked and non-naked examples of the two types of chicks.[​IMG]

    There couldn't be a better example of a dominant trait showing up .Aoxa I think the light chicks will end up looking like Brian as I think (and I'm sure Kev will know!) that they are carrying two recessive genes for the 'blue' colour.I have had a cockerel in the past who looked very like Brian and he had two 'blue' parents.
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    Just a few pics I snapped today. (oh and maybe yesterday too)

    Jackie O, a nn x spitz

    Draye Mensa is getting big, is she looking like yours? Those little brown spots do they get any bigger on her sisters?

    Ying and Yang there is harmony lol

    Did someone say treats?????

    The blue and the red, Priss and Reba, no bug or rodent is safe from this duo.
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    My NN looks to be a girl. YAY!!!
    She has normal head feathers, the flat ones, then she has a few sticking straight up in the air. Haha polish too?!?!!? :p. Maybe that's from the silkie.
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    Cute, a little bigger than my babies..they grow so fast. I like the one one the left. :)

    Kass, you have such beautiful the colors! I am thinking the blue that I have will be dark like yours. Very pretty.
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    Like the red and white rooster.Is he a mix?
  8. Georgia Boy 1970

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    Nice looking batch of chicks.
  9. Georgia Boy 1970

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    Gorgeous birds.Are they laying yet?Any chicks in the future?
  10. Georgia Boy 1970

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    Would like to see some update pics.

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