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I need your help - I currently have a 4 ft chain link fence around my yard (it's my fence). I just made arrangements to have a 6 ft wood-on-wood privacy fence installed through a local company. Both of my parents said this but I blew them off. Today the neighbor said the same thing so I have to question it: they all said I should leave the chain link up and put the wood fence next to it. I think it'll look pretty tacky that way, but like the neighbor said, the chain link will last alot longer than the wood fence. Since it's my fence, the chain link would be on the inside of my property with the wood fence on the opposite side.

What are your thoughts and what would you do?
The privacy fence is to block the neighbors. We don't speak; he just yells. They have a full acre lot but insist on setting everything up right by the fence - jarts, cornhole, etc. Plus they are always in the pool and have parties of 50+ for every holiday. I'm tired of them staring and gawking at me and my birds. They also have two dogs that are just WAITING for one of my chickens to fly over the fence. I know the chickens can get over the 4 ft but I'm hoping they won't be inclined to try 6 ft.
I agree I think a double layer fence would be UGLY. A properly maintained fence lasts a long time and if it gets worn out ten years from now replace it.
Yea, it probably wouldn't look so hot if you left the chain link up, but it would be extra protection. It would also be a lot of work to pull it out. Maybe you could grow some kind of vine over it to hide it, like climbing roses, or something edible for the birds? Just a thought.
Thanks - that pretty much reinforced what I was thinking. The price I'm paying includes tearing out the chain link and I may reuse it eventually to build bird pens in the yard so it won't go to waste.

On a sad note, I just watched the neighbor's dog catch and kill another squirrel, then watched as the neighbor beat the dog. I just can't take a chance with my birds and don't ever want to see that again. The fence can't come too soon.
i would keep the chain link up and grow some type of vine over it. If a dog digs under or thru the wood fence you will have the chain link as added protection.
Have you never seen a fence like that, every one around hear that have privacy fences have chain link on the inside it's actually weird to see one without it. BTW if you clip one wing on each chicken they can't fly I don't cut both of my chickens wings
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