Need someone who can read barred head spots like tea leaves- Cream Legbar x Dominque chicks


Sep 16, 2020
Southeast Misssouri
I thought, after a couple of hatches of Dominique chicks and then some Dominique crosses, I would be able to read head spots by now. However, these littles have me stumped. They're one day old from a Cream Legbar rooster over a Dominique hen. They all look the same & don't look very "spotty" to me--are they more broad and diffused? Could it be all pullets? (or is that just wishful thinking?) Need help from someone more experienced...

Dom-Bar_3.JPG Dom-Bar_4.JPG
(updated with a numbered chick picture, for easier reference)


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I own Dominiques - (profile pic!)
Which parent was which?
The rooster was a Cream Legbar, with a Dominique hen. I love Dominiques, too! Even with several very cool breeds in the flock, I think they are my best all-around. I had some issues, early on, with an aggressive Dominique rooster and a couple of his progeny who were sweet to me but tended to really "over use" my hens. Since I aspired to a diverse flock with too many roosters, I re-homed my 2 full blooded Dominique roos to a 20+ hen layer flock in need of some fun & protection. Since then, I've been incredibly impressed with my bad a$$ Dominique hens. I've been trying to add a little Dominique to all of my favorite breeds with excellent results! Check out the daughters of a Golden Spangled Spitzhauben Roo x Dominique hen...
10 weeks_dom-spitz.jpg

Any beautiful brown boy, crossed with your Dominique hens, will produce a gorgeous black sex link like this.

And here is their coolest son...
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Two have rose combs, two have single. I wonder if that will be linked to gender. Hm.
Btw, any females will likely lay olive. What shade brown do your Doms lay? Mine (the brown ones):
Two have rose combs, two have single. I wonder if that will be linked to gender. Hm.
I guess my Dom is heterozygous for rose comb. Disappointing. I had a suspicion after one of my Dom-Spitz boys grew a split single comb. I thought it might be a freak thing with rose + horn since they’re both dominant. However, now I’m thinking maybe this is the heterozygous hen.

It’s the first time I’ve hatched from only one of my Dom girls. She was the only one laying while she was also molting like crazy. She never skipped a beat and now she has almost all of her feathers back & still laying almost daily. My 6 other Doms stopped laying right when I decided to start collecting eggs to hatch.
Have had many barred rock chicks and have never been able to sex them at all by the head spot. Spots have been small and round to large and flowing down the neck, but luckily they've all turned out to be pullets. I don't believe the head spot is a reliable indicator of sex.
Btw, any females will likely lay olive. What shade brown do your Doms lay? Mine (the brown ones):View attachment 2436666

The Dom who laid these 4 eggs we call Pink, because her eggs are always pink tinted, and usually with heavy pink bloom. The other three I got as chicks at the same time as Pink are various light brown tint, with one usually speckled. I hatched 3 girls from them, and it seems like, I now have a lot of pink tinted eggs when they're all laying so I think 1-2 of the 3 girls are probably Pink's. Unfortunately, I have 6 freeloading Doms who haven't given me an egg in weeks, so I don't have any to photograph lol. When I was getting lots of eggs from my Doms and my new Speckled Sussex hens, I really noticed the pink tint, overall, compared to the Sussex.

Here are a few photos of the pink eggs I set this time...

Eggs_in_incubator (2).jpg



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