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    I have had problems recently with roundworms in my laying hens, then respiratory issues. We are finally getting a handle on the roundworms. Our vet told us to use the Wazine-17 twice, two weeks apart, which is what we have done. She said to wait 3 weeks after the last giving of Wazine, and it has been a week today. A friend in the bantam show circuit who is also a poultry judge, gave me Gallamycin to use for the respiratory/bronchial issue, and the hens seem to be doing great! However, he cannot tell me what the egg withdrawal time in on the Gallamycin. Also, he is recommending Tylan-50 after the chickens are fully recovered, to help them stay healthy. However, since it is only recommended on the box for swine and cattle, I cannot get a definitive answer on egg withdrawal time after we would vaccinate withe the Tylan-50. Up until the time the girls got sick, we have been selling our eggs. I do not want to take any chances of problems in the eggs from this medication. Do any of you folks who raise chickens to sell the eggs know the withdrawal times? Also, how about the Gallamycin? With the Tylan 50, I have read two weeks, I have also read someone's opinion that if you use the Tylan 50, you can never use the eggs again! While I love my chickens, I don't need just 50 pets whose eggs I throw away! I am confused, and really would appreciate some help! Thanks much!

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