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    Aug 30, 2015
    Hi guys, a couple of years ago my family and i got six heritage Norfolk black turkey poults that were no longer on heat. i they didn't really like me and to the small children in the house (two,three,four) a stag running at them (or US!) was scary. the experience put me off them. I vowed never to keep turkeys again.
    Now however whilst looking at turkey prices (for christmas) i realise that a good free range (organic) turkey to feed a family of six AND possibly some relatives would cost LOADS more than it would cost to raise some turkeys to slaughter and butcher them ourselves.So it got me thinking about turkeys again.

    How much food would one heritage,free range, organic turkey need to eat per day?
    How many should i keep IDEALY to keep them happy? Between one to five
    is a mix of genders okay or is a flock of pure fe/males better?
    Can i keep them with my ducks, chickens, drake and possibly a cockerel?
    And is 26 weeks to late to slaughter?

    Sorry about all the questions, total newbie to poultry keeping but willing to learn!

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