New York mini chickenstock 2016

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May 28, 2015
harpursville ny
I'm not sure I'm setting this up correctly but here goes nothing. I have contacted several of you about a gathering at my home in May. This page is where I would like for plans to be made. Please feel free to give ideas .
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Date : May 28 2016
Time :11am until ???
Place: Harpursville Ny

I would like everyone to bring a dish of some sort to be shared.
Please make sure you bring cages or boxes to keep your critters in, my fencing is all used up on my flock.
I have water to fill your containers for birds I just can't provide containers. Please bring your own chairs and if you have access to one a pop-up tent for shelter.

I will have chicks, eggs and possibly some started veggie plants.
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Great idea! Yay! Love chickenstocks! You might edit your first post to include date, time, place, and general plans. Last years thread could give some ideas on format:

Not sure how to do this, but a document on who is bringing what attached is helpful as well. As is a link to this thread from other ny threads you are on. Yay chickenstock!
I haven't the foggiest how to put a link to one page from another. I only have access to my not so smart smart phone. I will try and put an updated list weekly on who is bringing what.

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