Night light for predators?

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    Animals passing through your area will be startled and deterred. Animals that live by you will get used to the predictable motion light and soon pay no attention to it.
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    I have some. I bought the first one while I was still researching chickens. We had a problem with raccoons getting on our porches - if we forgot to take the trash bags out, plus they were getting into the bird feeders, and it seemed to be their favorite place to poop. I put the light out and the raccoons stopped coming onto the porches. The feral cats aren't bothered by it. I've had the first light for a year - had a raccoon come on the porch last week - I am hoping that the light wasn't functioning for some reason, not that the raccoon ignored it. Haven't had a problem since that one night.

    My thoughts are that they can be an effective layer of defense but should not be considered a primary deterrent.
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    I have motion lights all over my house, shop and yard. I have them set so if one goes off they all come on. My husband says we could probably see our house and property from outer we have skunks, raccoons, possum and other critters all over out here and so far it has been a great system. I like it because I have a 3 headed light that is pointed right and the coop and run outside my window and if the lights come on it wakes me up..I quickly look out the window to see what's going on. So far we have scared off a raccoon and a skunk (yes it did spray when the 'lights popped on') We have all kinds of other deterrents but this is one I am so glad to have invested in.

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