No,it's not scaly leg, it's crusty face!

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7 Years
Jul 29, 2012
Ok, so I went out to check on the birds this afternoon, and after the Dolly and the gang were half way across the field, I picked up my two Sablepoot brothers and carried them over to their favourite spot by the pond. I lowered Pippin (one of the birds) onto the ground, and held on to Bilbo (the other) for a minute to stroke him. As I turned him around, I gasped in horror to see that he had a HUGE lump of crust and their adorning the back of his cheek. It looked like it hurt, with feathers bursting out here and there, and a few other crust pieces on other parts of his face. The other horrible thing was that he was squinting with his left eye, and another piece hung from his eyelid!

This surprised me, because Bilbo had always had a few small specks of the stuff interspersed around the feathers on his face. I had originally thought it was just scaly leg in the wrong place (he and Pippin did have it when I was given them
) but when the scaly leg disappeared after treatment, the crust was still there. I then thought it must be a skin condition, because I couldn't find any examples on the internet, and it didn't seem to bother him at all.

Anyway, I have put on some 'Johnson's Scaly Leg Cream' (but it didn't seem like it was going to work), so I (and poor Bilbo) would appreciate any help

If you like, i'll post a pic tomorrow when I can close kung fu Gandalf away (he attacks my leg whenever I hold one of the little guys, because he is so overcome with hatred for them

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