May 31, 2016
I have three little ducklings that have been doing amazing! They are growing fast. I use water bowls to give them their water, and since they are growing so rapidly, I changed their water bowl to a bigger size. When they saw the bowl they got terrified and wouldn't go near it even if I held them and showed them it was only water (like you do when you first get ducklings and introduce them to water.) So since they weren't drinking I changed the water back to their smaller bowl, but they still will not go near it. Their food is on that side too and so they are not eating or drinking. I've left them alone and I've tried to show them its only water. No luck! They are so scared and I don't know why! I don't know how to help them because they are not getting enough food or water. Please help!

Kiki to Nana

5 Years
Aug 1, 2016
Fowlerville, Michigan
Well just like any other animal their instincts will take in and they will eventually start drinking and eating out of new bowls.

I've had a similar issue but all you can do it encourage them to use it, hold it up to them. Keep it in there maybe on another side of their area and keep the older familiar bowls in there for now. They are very much a routine animal and creatures of habit.

I put a water bottle in there one time and they legit didn't move until I took it out. I'm sure your babies will get it together. Maybe try putting some if their favorite treats in the new bowl first to encourage them.

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