Not sure if this is an emergenc but I am worried.


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Apr 21, 2012
Parker, CO
My little Zoe is less then a week old but she has already had a hard life. I had to remove the tip of her toe because it was hanging off and hurting her. I removed the tip, there was no blood but I put neosporin on it every day. She does not walk around limping as much but when it was hurt she learned to lay down when the girls were scratching. She will get up briefly to starch at the bedding but then lay back down and peck. I worry she might be developing a bad habit and that it might put her at more risk when she is older to mites or other bad insets? The tip is still black but looks like it is healing.
WEll only being a week old and having the bad toe shes probably still healing . If she were mine I would be putting peroxide on her toe regularly to make sure the infection stops. Poor thing hope she heals fast .
She will probably not sit as much when her toe is totally healed. I don't think it would put her at higher risk for mites or lice even if she did sit a bit more than the others, so I think she will be fine. I think the neosporin you are using is fine.
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Okay, This is my first time and I am a bit of a wreck. Should have seen me for the amputation, I had basically a chicken ER set up and was a mess. I thought she would hate me after that, amazingly she has adapted much quicker to being held then the others.

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