Not sure what’s on my white leghorns egg?


Sep 17, 2020
I know pullets are prone to having abnormal eggs every now and then, but I was wondering if anyone knows what’s on this egg that one of my White Leghorns laid? It looks very similar to cooked yolk(lol). It’s not attached to the egg, and I was able to just wash it off with warm water. I’m not super worried about it, just curious as to what it might be!


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To me it looks like an egg was broken next to this egg getting the contents onto this egg. There is even a bit of broken shell on the right side in the picture.

Where was this egg located?
Was it in the nest?
That’s not broken shell, it was just a piece of straw :) no egg had broken next to egg or anywhere else around it. It was laid in a nesting box!
Hmm, it looks like bits of lash egg, you say your hens are prone to strange eggs? Like how? That could be signs or reproductive illness
Not really strange, like nothing super unusual. But they lay eggs with double yolks sometimes and bumpy eggs occasionally, which I know is normal in pullets.

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