Not your typical trail obstacle


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
The other night my DD called to tell me about the new trail obstacle she had while working her horse. She has an all-around quarter horse that she shows. She was loping Mickey in the covered arena where she keeps him and looked down as he loped over a live 4' copperhead.
She loped to the other end of the arena which was closer to the barn and yell "snake". The trainer went out and killed it as they have small dogs and it was much to close to the barn. They measured it and it was a true 4' in length and about 3" wide. That's one BIG copperhead. Since it was stretched out I guess Mickey just thought it was a pole and loped over it. I don't thing she'll see that at many shows.
That is better than riding over a 6 foot Texas Rat snake and making it a bit mad! LOL Gosh that scared me more than anything, but my horse had seen it all. Now she is teaching the neighbor's kid to ride.

So glad that your daughter's horse didn't spook on her. Could have been bad.

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